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  • Bloomington, IL. Holds Over $636000.00 In Unpaid Water Bills –

  • Fresh from the <b>Bloomington</b> FOIA Officer is the below list of individuals and companies who owe the City of <b>Bloomington</b> over $636,000....
  • 5 days ago
  • Bloomington, IL. conducts online bullying against “uncooperative media”? –

  • So much for “Not In Our Town” – what&#39;s happening under your watch Tari? Is your city actually using public funds, personnel and other public re...
  • 15 days ago
  • Illinois needs better starts to compete in Emerald Coast Classic

  • Norton is a <b>Bloomington</b>, <b>Illinois</b>, native who played the point effectively as a freshman and led the Blazers in assists. UAB upset Io...
  • 3 days ago
  • Season's 1st snow drops up to a foot in N. Illinois

  • <b>BLOOMINGTON</b> — Brisk overnight wind is expected to produce frigid temperatures Sunday morning after the season&#39;s first snowfall left many...
  • 9 days ago
  • Ohio Wesleyan overcomes Dolan, Titans

  • <b>BLOOMINGTON</b> — <b>Illinois</b> Wesleyan senior Bryce Dolan was indeed sizzling Saturday at Shirk Center. Yet it was Ohio Wesleyan that produc...
  • 1 day ago
  • Illinois signs Cubit to two-year deal as head coach

  • Bill Cubit had the interim tag removed from his job status on Saturday. Cubit, who took over as the University of <b>Illinois</b>&#39; interim head...
  • 2 days ago
  • Martinek-Randolph exchange vows

  • Mary graduated from Sacred Heart-Griffin High School in Springfield, Ill. and from <b>Illinois</b> State University in <b>Bloomington</b>, Ill. wit...
  • 8 minutes ago
  • Davis mansion has 2 ways to enjoy holiday season

  • On Friday, the mansion began its annual Christmas decorations display, &quot;Christmas at Clover Lawn,&quot; that runs through New Year&#39;s Eve, ...
  • about 2 hours ago